Bali’s coolest place for coffee

As we both are coffee lovers, we tend to visit many coffeeshops around the island. Each place has it’s own unique style but nothing (yet) compared to the Bali Pulina, a small agrotourism at Tegalalang village.

Infamous for it’s rice terrace, Tegalalang Village also home of  various kind of coffee; one of it’s variety is the Arabica. Here in Bali Pulina, you’ll get the chance for not only experiencing many varieties of local coffee but also the process of making home-made Balinese coffee. You can also taste the exotic “civat cat (luwak) poo coffee”.  Sounds funny but this “poo” coffee is actually the most expensive coffee in the world. You may take a sip, just to know how it taste. You cam also buy it here and bring back this experience back home.

The place is also great for selfies as it has a superb view for photo taking as it is surrounded by Ubud’s hill and greenery like this:


As being said you can try roasting coffee yourself


This is a Balinese way of roasting coffee. Coffee beans are roasted with coffee wood until dark and infused with a unque aroma 😀 (I can literaly smeel it now! )


This is called “ALU” or the traditional coffee grinder. Roasted coffee will be grinded here before it’s being served to your table IMG_9694_resize.JPG

Andddd.. here’s our favourite spot in enjoying the coffee. Blending directly into the nature….


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