#Dolist in Bali (Insider’s tips)

For us, travelling is the truest form of freedom. During our busy and hectic days at work, travelling seems to be a recharge!. It’s literaly the kind of liberation we’ve been searching for. We go where we want to go, eat what we want to eat and splurge where we want to splurge. We take as many pictures as we like and stories to tell.

Travelling to a destination opens up to you. You hear more, see more and feel more…

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Bali is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, and with good reason, as this island which is known as the ‘Island of the Gods’ is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Surrounded by azure seas and edged with golden beaches, Bali is of course a surfer’s paradise.  Bali also has a huge number of other attractions to enjoy such as temples, caves, waterfalls, museums, and markets, and if you like history and culture then you can spend hours learning the local legends and Balinese traditions in places like Ubud.

If you like adventure activities, as you can expect a fantastic array of water sports, muck and wreck diving, and the chance fly through the jungle canopy like Tarzan. In short, whatever you want to do, you will probably find it in Bali and you can easily spend a month here and still only see a fraction of the sights on offer. The hardest part of a holiday here is choosing where to go first and what you want to see.

So as a Blinese here’s our recomendation when you tend to visit this island

1. Drink from the fountain of youth at Goa Gajah

Once you enter Goa Gajah, you’ll see 6 statues of women with water streaming out of a pot held at their bellies. There were originally 7 of them, but an earthquake caused the middle one to collapse. Even so, its meaning remains unchanged, and the water is safe to drink, so why not take a shot at eternal youth?

The Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave) was built in the 9th century, and served as a sanctuary. Don’t go there expecting to see any elephants – it was named the Elephant Cave because the elephant is a symbol of education, and the cave was actually used as a school hundreds of years ago.If drinking from a fountain of youth doesn’t appeal to you, then you could always just visit because it’s a gorgeous place. It’s got a little waterfall, beautiful green terrain, fascinating temple ruins and is an overall peaceful, spiritual place.

2.Watch the sunrise from the top of Mount Batur

You’ll have to wake up extra early for this, possibly as early as 3AM if you want to be at the top of the mountain before sunrise. But the view is definitely worth it.

Imagine watching a velvet sky dotted with sparkling lights slowly fade into a sleepy lavender colour before a warm orange glow pushes through. And as the sunlight lazily peeks out of the horizon, you’re suddenly aware of the ocean of clouds surrounding you. That’s when it hits you – you’re standing in the sky, waiting to greet the sun as it climbs out of its apparent slumber. That feeling is simply indescribable

3.Explore the underground labyrinth Goa Gala-Gala

This is the very inviting entrance to Goa Gala-Gala, which is an underground house, which I think looks more like a labyrinth than a house. It was painstakingly created using nothing but a hammer, chisel and sheer perseverance.

Looking at it makes me really admire whoever built this place. It’s really a house that contains a bedroom, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and of course, a sacred meditation room.

This underground house can be accessed through a path veering off the main road towards Ceningan bridge. It’s a narrow road though, so you won’t be able to drive in. And be sure to let your imagination run wild as you explore this underground labyrinth! You could be in an adventure action movie, or a horror movie – anything you want. This place is where movies come to life

4.Try cat poo coffee 😛

Before you confirm your booking with the cycling tours, be sure to check with your tour provider on what is included just to be safe. The usual cycling route also includes a luwak coffee tasting session in the morning followed by banana fritters with a view of Mount Batur and finally a Balinese lunch at the end of the cycling trip.

Kopi Luwak or “Cat-poo-ccino” as the locals jokingly call it, is brewed from coffee seeds that have been eaten and expelled by Asian palm civet cats, a breed that resembles ferrets.  Bali is probably where it’s priced most affordably. Just try not to think of the fact that the stuff you’re drinking is brewed from cat poop, and it’ll be a super unique experience. You’ll come back to Singapore seeing cats in a different light.

5.Soak yourself in holy water at Tirta Empul

Some people come here with little bottles to bring this holy water home, but why do that when you can just spend some time immersed in holy water instead? Do take note to enter the temple before soaking yourself in the springs, since you’re not allowed in the temple if your sarong/sash is wet.

The tradition here is to soak your head under one of the gushing streams of water after praying and making an offering in the temple. Of course, many people choose to just visit the temple for sightseeing and then soak in the spring for the experience. I don’t know if it’s merely psychological, but it certainly feels internally purifying to get to soak in holy water – this water cleanses from the inside out.

6. Go snorkeling in Amed

If you are looking for a quieter corner of Bali undisturbed by the crowds of tourists who flock here then Amed is a great choice. This part of the island is still relatively off the radar and is not exactly a town, but rather a collection of villages strung together next to the sea.

The reason many people come here is for the snorkeling and diving as the visibility is excellent and you can dive relatively cheaply compared to other parts of Bali.

7.Take a cooking class

Balinese cooking classes have become increasingly popular as the island’s tropical cuisine gains wider appeal thanks to its rich ingredients, changeable spiciness levels for every palate, and fun preparation techniques. Courses are often packaged with early morning fish and farm market tours that let you discover the variety of fresh tropical sea creatures, meats, poultry, aromatic exotic spices and organically grown tropical fruits before your hands-on experience in recreating age-old traditional dishes – from satay varieties, fresh salad mixes with spicy sambal sauces and dips, to a range of healthy desserts. We’ll be sharing some of Bali’s top spots that provide fun cooking courses for a different culinary experience, and from where you can bring home some exciting Balinese recipes and newly acquired skills.

8.Tour a chocolate factory

You may not immediately think of chocolate when you think of Bali but actually Indonesia is one of the top producers of cocoa in the world. As a result, you can visit Pod Chocolate Factory which makes some of the most delicious bites in Bali and find out how cocoa is grown and harvested and how the chocolate is made.

The factory offers a range of tours and of course you can buy some of the delicious treats on offer here as a sweet souvenir of your trip.

9.Spend the day on Menjangan Island

You will find Menjangan Island in the north west of Bali and although it can take some time to get here, it is more than worth it is you want to visit the Menjangan National Marine Park. As well as trekking on the island the main reason to come here is for the diving and you will find a plethora of underwater delights such as coral reefs and colorful fish.

There is also a good chance of seeing other sea creatures such as turtles, octopus, crabs, and rays.

10.Spot the dolphins in Lovina

Bali is covered in beaches but one that stands out the most is Lovina as the sand is black thanks to its high mineral content and volcanic ash. The main reason why many people visit Lovina is to see some of its resident dolphins that swim in the waters here and you can take a boat trip out in the early morning when you will have the best chance of spotting them.

For many visitors this is a highlight of a trip here and it is well worth getting up early in the morning to get a chance to spot these graceful creatures in their natural environment.








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